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Urban car sharing startup


Aug 2018
Branding-, Interaction-, UI Design & Development

Could this be the future

UrbyGo was born when Kevin Quint noticed the urban car boom: They're compact, manouverable, fully electric, easy to park and best of all- No licence required! He realised there are no car sharing platforms utilising this new kid on the block. Kevin, with a history in startup guidance kickstarted his concept into action- He pitched his idea to me (ex-collegue) and mentioned needing a right-hand man for the branding, UI design and front-end development.

As with most startups, budget was non-existant. Kevin offered to make me part of the company: Heck yeah! As a scooter pilot I was instantly in love with the idea- Dutch weather and Amsterdam traffic would make UrbyGo a godsend: And the chance that my designs could be roaming the streets was beautifull.

You just feel it's right

I immediatly started to redesign the brand identity and the current website. This got Kevin so excited that he wanted me to build it right away. Concept visuals for the app and the urbies followed. The project has been placed on hold for now, until new government regulations are released on small electric vehicles.

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