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Native App


Jan 2016
Interaction- & UI Design

When Netflix
meets Dutch television

Wundershift needed a superstar for their next-gen television app, and so the phone rang at mediaBunker. Pointers uses an algorythm to pinpoint what television shows / movies you'd enjoy: Based on your interests and your friend's recommendations you'll get a daily feed of shows / movies. From this pool of recommendations and favorites, Pointers can generate a selection for you to watch sequentially: It's the magic of TV, without the endless channel switching! I got the lead creative role for this baby, with support from pixel ninja Bogdan Siregar.

At mediaBunker we are very accustomed to apps such as Netflix, Playstation Network and Apple TV: Their intuitive, simple card interaction and beautifull, imagery-centered interfaces made the perfect inspiration source for Pointers. With a little social sauce on top, the Pointers user interface was born.