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App Design

New York Pizza

Dec 2015
New York Pizza
Interaction- & UI Design

Freakin' fresh mobile experience

New York Pizza, the second largest take-out and delivery company in the Netherlands approached mediaBunker to create their very own native mobile pizza-ordering app. I got tagged design lead and teamed up with my partner in crime, Bogdan Siregar to give birth to this calorie-dense app. Still living in the era of skeuomorphic, we wanted the app to have that real pizza vibe: We combined cardboard rims, parralax top-down pizza's with the bright red and green tones from the New York Pizza brand to create a stunning look & feel that makes your mouth water.

Everything, one tap away

I designed the interface in such a way that the navigation menu and shopping basket is always within reach, wherever you are in the app. Being able to see what pizza's you've chosen should be as easy as peeking down your shopping basket in real life.

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